Breed: Mini=Beagle
Age: 11 months
Gender: Female/spayed
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A note from Abbi's Foster Mom Anita:

1st & 2 images, Abbi camping

3rd image, Abbi driving in traffic.  Great navigator- we give the credit to the nose.
4th image, Abbi needing reassurance after getting a ticket for running a red light.  Her nose wouldn't let her stop

Abbi is an absolute love.  I fear if she doesn't find a home soon she will with us.  We haven't found a single thing to not love about this girl.  She is a typical beagle where her nose is concerned.  We have recently discovered that she likes to fetch, when she can keep her mind on the task at hand.  She easily gets distracted by the other dogs playing (what kid doesn't.)  

Abbi is a great traveler.  Most of our drives are 4 hrs one way and she does it without any problems.  She has now been camping with us the past 3 weekends and has done great in the camper and the truck.  Have I mentioned that she loves to cuddle, absolutely a lap dog and loves to be in contact with someone.  She also likes to hog the blankets, she will actually get under the blankets and lay her head on the pillows with everyone else.

Abbi is great with children.  She walks to the elementary school when weather permits.  She anxiously awaits the kids, they all adore her.  When my son leaves for school she rides along and cries when she watches him walk away.  I think she misses him as much as I do when he is in school.  

Have I mentioned that she is absolutely adorable?

Abbi is great with baths, due to her small size she fits great in the kitchen sink.  She loves walks and tries her hardest to keep up with the bigger dogs.

She also hasn't had any accidents in the house since her first week with us!  

Have I mentioned that we are all falling for her.  Who could resist that brown eyed girl?




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