Breed: White Scottish Terrier 
Age: 8-9 mo.
Gender: Female
Weight:lbs. 12lbs.
Congratulations Andi (aka: Penny), Dan and Jessica!

Penny (aka: Andi) is now happily living with her lifetime family in Minnesota!

Thank you Dan and Jessica!

Hello Sherry!
Well, it's been a month now that we've had our little girl and we can't even tell you how thrilled we are!  We named her Penny, and she's adjusted to the change just beautifully.  She is such a perfect sweetheart - a little spoiled - but she is an only child after all!  She has gotten very accustomed to her morning walk and gets anxious if it looks like we're not going to take her - this is definitely as good for us as it is for her.  She also likes to hide her treats and bring them out for snacking on her terms...very funny stuff!
I've attached some pictures of Penny in her new environment.
Thanks for everything, Sherry!