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Breed: Labrador
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Weight: 85lbs.

Birdie came from SD and the free clinic. The owners begged Jackie to take her or they were going to euthanize her. She is less than 2 years old, about 85 pounds. A "big bertha"! Huge lab! She looks like a full lab. The dog is very sweet and is a puppy still. I tend to forget she is a pup until she starts unrolling the toilet paper and destroying it and chewing on the rocker legs and my books. I monitor her carefully, but my husband has taken a liking to her and lets her in the house when I am gone and isn't as vigilant. I don't believe she has had any formal training. Don't know if she is housetrained or not. She hasn't made a potty mess at all. When I manage to get all 85 pounds of her into the crate, she is very quiet. When she is by herself, she is calm and loving. She will lay in the kitchen when I am there and sleep. With Patsy, she is vibration in motion! We're working on the cat thing! She'll be a very nice family member!

UPDATE 12/02/07
Birdie is so quiet in the house that I have to go looking for her to see if she is around.  She isn't destructive and is housetrained.  The crate isn't her specialty, but is very quiet when she is there.  She loves her raw bones!  Birdie loves a good body massage!  She is very loving!  Cats are her only vice.  That can be worked with, desensitization if necessary. 



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