Breed: Lab
Age:Young Adult
Gender: Male


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Poor Bosco! He was picked up as a stray, and as if running the streets alone weren't bad enough, he was wearing a choke collar and the flies had eaten at his ears. On top of that, he has bad ear infections which are, thankfully, now being treated. Though he may have just a touch of "something else" in him, the vet believes he is primarily chocolate lab. Aside from his initial detachment from people - he is coming around and now enjoys both human and canine company - he is no worse for the wear. He's a real "gent" who seems to always be smiling. Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky! His ears and coat could use a little TLC (darn flies!), but he's a trouper who is bouncing back and learning that life can be good. He enjoys his raw beef bones and toddling about the yard. Though Bosco could use some training, he really needs someone who can give him the love and home life he deserves. Is that you?

UPDATE! 9/8/07
Bosco is now fostered and lives with 10 other dogs at the moment. He plays with the ones who want to play. He has calmed down immensely from when he came initially! He walks well on a leash and has started training. He is partially crate trained, and, housetraining is coming along fine, too. He is not destructive in the house and is very smart and willing to learn. As he gets his TLC, he just rests his head and closes his eyes in contentment. He will make an excellent family member to anyone who appreciates what he has to offer!

UPDATE! 9/21/07
Bosco's  housetraining is about 95% now.  He stays inside running free with a couple of other trusted dogs when I am gone.  Isn't destructive at all!  Likes his grooming!  The cat doesn't seem to be an issue.  I am holding the cat, too.  Still working on the crate training.  When he thinks it is time to get out, he stands in the crate and growls for awhile.  And, if that doesn't get my attention, the barking starts.  I totally ignore both.  When there is silence, I reward, and let him out.  Very calm in the house and is a cuddler.

UPDATE! 10/25/07
Such a nice dog! He should be adopted by now! He walks well with the gentle leader and is doing very well with the housetraining. I had him sleep with me several nights and with the cat. He totally ignored the cat and just pushed up against me and went to sleep. Bosco loves his new diet! He scarfs down the lettuce and celery! He eats faster than the rest, so sits nicely and waits for them to finish and then I let him check out their dishes for bits.

UPDATE! 11/12/07
The kids call him Boss. They lead him all over the place. He has fit in very well with them and Baxter, the dog. He is a counter surfer, (probably from having to scavenge for survival). He ate a loaf of bread and a few other tasty items. So, is self sufficient. He is cuddly with everyone when it's family time around the tv. He is adjusting again to crating at night. But, that will be ok in a short time.

UPDATE! 05/28/08
Bosco was to be adopted by his foster family but, personal conditions blocked the adoption. So, he is lucky enough to have found a new foster family by way of BWBR's board member Carrie Olson. Her sister and brother-in-law recently lost one of their dogs and the second dog was very lonely. They didn't realize how lonely until they opened the door to the house and let Bosco in to meet him. Their dog went off the wall with excitement! Bosco was less than impressed, but since the joy has waned some, they are now good friends and playmates. Bosco apparently has never swam. He was introduced to the pond and wound up having a super time! He is thoroughly enjoying his new digs, friend, and family! This is such a long venture from being tied 24/7!

UPDATE! 06/20/08
Boscoe has been with us for a few weeks now and has made himself right at home. He got along well with our other lab from day one. He enjoys the country life, swimming and riding on the back of the ATV. He is very affectionate but seems to have some separation anxiety. He spends the day in the outdoor kennel with our other dog and is in the house in the evening with us. He listens pretty well and is a happy fella.

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