Breed: Spaniel/Lab
Age: 2+ Years
Gender: Male
Weight: 50lbs.

Corky was given away at the free spay/neuter clinic in Mission, SD. He is a very sweet dog, quiet and mild mannered. Not sure if he is housetrained, so we are monitoring that. He walks well on the leash and does a few basic commands. He seems to be very playful with other dogs. I have seen him playing with Thistle, Bob, and Zelda. Corky likes his bones to chew on and a good kong.

As he gets adjusted, we will keep you updated. Neutered, UTD on vaccinations.

UPDATE! 9/8/07
Still very calm and quiet. Will play with the other dogs. He likes to chew on shoes. We have shelving in the garage and most of the pairs have one shoe chewed up. And, he does like his raw bones, too, when a shoe isn't available. His housetraining is in progress. He did well with crates, but, work more on that. His training hasn't started as yet or walking on the leash. He is very loving and really takes to his TLC!

UPDATE! 9/21/07
Corky gets sweeter by the day!  I haven't worked with him much on the housetraining yet, so that is amiss!  I have been concentrating on Bosco and Tucker (formerly Thistle) more so.  Took him to training day and he did well.  He is getting the marker down well.  He works better with the clicker.  Responds fantastic with that!  He did the free shaping quickly!  The clicker helped! Still needs alternatives to chewing inappropriate items.  But, he doesn't mind the switch.  Pretty even mannered.  Doesn't seem to bother the cat.  Of course, I am holding her, too.  Crates well.

UPDATE! 10/25/07
Corky walks very well with the gentle leader. He is sooo sweet! Still working on the housetraining. He will be doing better at that in his new foster home! They have 2 small children and a big lab. Corky just loves people! He went up and kissed my grandson and they had a nice conversation. He is very interested in cats, but backs off when I call his name. So, he isn't vicious with cats, just needs more interaction and work. Corky is getting adjusted to the new diet. He licks off the lettuce and eats everything else. Corky is micro chipped. He also gets car sick, so needs to have an empty stomach, devoid of food and water! Rides well, otherwise.

UPDATE! 11/12/07
Good afternoon! We have had an interesting weekend at our house. Trent put up a fence this morning, it is a nice area for the dogs to run. It goes from the back of our house into the woods, there are trees inside the fenced area. Corky and Meadow seemed to enjoy running and playing.
Also, Corky did manage to sneak out the front door of the house this weekend. He took a cruise through the woods behind our house. I followed him into the swamp before I got to him. By then he and I both needed a bath :-). I put him in the tub and gave him a good bath. I feel bad that he got out, but we did have fun running through the woods. It was good exercise!
Corky has been doing very well on the house manners and he is really learning from Meadow. We never struggle to get him in the kennel, he goes right in. He is good about going potty as soon as we take him out. We haven't had any accidents in the house. And he and Meadow play so well together. I hope to start working on some specific activities with him. He doesn't respond very quickly to sit or come. And he isn't as food motivated as Meadow. So working with him will be a good challenge for me!
Have you had anyone interested in him?
-Kamille Peterson
Current Foster Mom

I just left Corky and his foster family. He is learning all kinds of manners and structure. He goes potty on command, plays well with Meadow, the family dog, and he loves the kids to death! He hasn't had any potty accidents, so is doing well with housetraining. He gets to go on walks daily, too.

UPDATE 12/28/07
Corky is now back with us.  His foster family adopted another dog.  I am working with him on sits and come.  He is very food motivated!  I work with him just before his meals and he is hungry.  He is doing downs, too.  Have to watch my hand as how to do it, though.  He will pop up if I don't work it right.  When he gets outside, he is all nose to the ground and calling him is fruitless.  So, am working on that.  Making coming to me an event with loads of food in hand!  Then, I tell him to go play and call him back with loads of food, again, after about 10 minutes.  He crates well, is real good about housetraining.  Loves kids!


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