Breed: Red/Blue Heeler
Age: Approx 1-1.5 yrs
Gender: Female
Weight: 27lbs.
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Freckles is an adorable, compact Red/Blue Heeler mix. She was a stray who wandered onto Jackie's home place. Somehow she had managed to convince the rest of Jackie's canine pack, that she belonged! Jackie cared for her until she moved, and then I brought her home with me.

Freckles is a classic Heeler. She likes to herd and is a "nipper", which is typical for the breed. Her personality is lively and energetic. Tempered with her enjoyment of belly rubs, ears scratches and massages! Freckles gets along well with her canine siblings and even plays with the resident rescue kitten "Boopka".

Freckles has had complete vet care and is looking for a family who is able to keep up with her enjoyment of life and provide a safe, loving atmosphere in order for her to thrive.

UPDATE 12/13/07
That little Freckles! She looks up at me with that sweet little face and I want to hug her! Her housetraining is going well; but I have missed a couple of her "cues" this week.

Freckles enjoys her playtime with Toby and Tagg. They are quite a tumbling trio when they get to racing around the yard! I would appreciate it if they could give me some of that youthful energy!



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