Breed: Labrador
Age: 5 y/o.
Gender: Male
Date Added: 4/06/08

Gary is an owner relinquish. He was a housedog for 2 years and an outdoor dog in the back yard for the last three. He loves to play ball and even shares with the resident dog, Crockett. They actually take turns chasing the ball! So far, he gets along beautifully with all the other dogs. The other rescue dogs have a variety of temperaments, too. He supposedly is good with cats, but haven't exposed Hazel, the cat, to him, yet. Gary is good with kids, crate trained and we are still figuring out if he remembers housetraining. He will sit for a reward and likes the butt rub and body massage. Gary also walks well with the gentle leader when on a walk. Leana has put him on a diet, two meals a day, vs. the free feeding of ol' Roy. He has a confused look when he gets his portioned food. He doesn't hesitate in eating, though.

UPDATE 4/23/08
Gary is crate trained and housetrained. He does very well in the house! Gary loves his humans and plays alot with the other dogs. He has the most sweetest face, those eyes will get you! The pics don't do him justice!!!!

UPDATE 1/02/09
Just want you to know so you can be at peace......Gary is WONDERFUL! Everyone gets along great! Even a different neighbor dog has been here all day (inside) and Gary and Dixi get along so good. We love him. We did find out last night after he ate how he needs to go outside. 4 kids all stepped in a big huge cow pie in the basement and we laughed and laughed and Im sure Gary laughed the hardest though. Thank you and I will keep you posted.

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"Gary" and "Bella Rose"

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