Breed: Shepard / Lab
Age: 6 y/o
Gender: Male
Date Added: 6/5/08

Griffin is 6 years old but still playful! He has lots of fun left in him. Griffin is neutered and potty trained completely, never has accidents in the house. He loves to go on walks and doesn't pull too much on the leash, he just needs a reminder sometimes. His favorite thing to do is swim and fetch sticks from the water. He also loves to play with other dogs. He knows how to sit, stay, and lie down. He knows the commands "off" and "leave it" when you want him to leave something alone. Griffin has lived with kids and other dogs his whole life. He is very gentle and loves to give kisses. He lets the kids climb on him and doesn't jump on people when he meets them. When you talk to him he gives you a look like he knows exactly what you are saying! Griffin has a beautiful face and coat and has plenty of love left in him.
Griffin needs a little work with cats. He gets excited around them.

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