Jonesy- I'M ADOPTED!

Breed: Basset/Beagle
Age: 2+ Years
Gender: Male
Weight: 48lbs.

Introduction by Jackie:
My husband and I live in the Twin Cities and have a farm about 300 miles away.  He is at the farm during planting and harvest time and we go there during summer months as time permits. He called me from the farm to tell me that a cute (skinny) little dog had shown up.  He had bought food and made a comfortable place for it in the attached garage.  A few days later, he asked around to see if anyone had lost a dog.  Someone told him he knew whose dog he was and would tell him or her to come and get him.  He also said he was sure they hadn’t missed the dog as they had about 40.  My husband was pretty shocked by that number and asked why anyone would have that many dogs.  He was told that the family was mentally challenged but able to live on their own.  They came and took Jonesy home with them. It seems they had quite a few dogs already, but a women sold them more dogs, bringing the total to around 40.  She told them they could sell the dogs and make a lot of money. Jonesy ran away and came to our farm 3 more times.  Each time he was fed, played with, and returned to his owner.  The last time he came we just couldn’t send him back.  He was very happy with the new home he had chosen.  Because we are not at the farm regularly, a kind neighbor stopped by every other day to fill Jonesy’s food and water bowls.  We worried about what to do about Jonesy in the winter when we don’t get to the farm.  We couldn’t find anyone to give him a home. One day I heard him barking and went out to see what was going on.  A coyote was teasing Jonesy.  He would chase Jonesy and then let Jonesy chase him.  I called Jonesy and put him inside.  I learned from a neighbor that coyote’s will get dogs to chase them to get the dog tired out and further from home.   The rest of the coyote pack is hiding, waiting to attack, kill, and eat the dog. After that episode, we just couldn’t leave Jonesy to fend for himself. The coyotes would have returned to make him their meal. We cannot have a dog at our twin cities home. 
My daughter took him in and is fostering him until someone can give him the permanent, loving home he deserves. He is good with children and other dogs.  He loves everyone.  He is very cute, affectionate, and playful.  He wants to please and will make someone a wonderful companion.  He is housetrained and has already learned commands to sit and lay down.
FYI: The sheriff has told Jonesy’s former owners that they can only have 5 dogs and is trying to place the rest.   The last I heard, he had found shelters for 8 of them.

Continuation by Hillary Imm:
Jonesy is a very loving and lively dog.  He came to our family farm in ND alone, terribly thin and craving attention.  My father fed him and took care of him for a few days while asking around the small towns nearby.  No one seemed to know any specifics about Jonesy.  Because my father only goes to the farm periodically, he asked a friend to check in on Jonesy.  This farmer also developed a soft spot for Jonesy.  Soon, the other farmer had decided that he would like to keep Jonesy as his own.  Unfortunately, he had a terrible accident and will be in the hospital for a lengthy stay and may not be able to come home, rather, go into a nursing home.  During this time we were made aware of the dire circumstances of Jonesy’s previous “home”.  It turns out that a house of mentally disabled people several miles away had been conned into taking 40-50 dogs and 2 horses for $500.00.  They had no way of caring for so many dogs and they all suffered malnutrition and were living in squallier.

My parents began to love  Jonesy and that is when I decided I needed to do something to help.  I contacted BWBR and made the decision to foster Jonesy.
I am happy to report that he has adjusted to life in the twin cities quite well.  He gets along with our dog Baxter, his good friend pictured in the photos.  My children absolutely love him.  It is with a heavy heart that I write this for the website because I would really love to keep him.  My daughter is 3 and was cuddling with the dogs and me and commented that Jonesy has a home- ours.  She said that we are “good people and feed him”…  I wish he could stay, however, my husband doesn’t want another big dog (48 lbs) at this time and I feel that if an animal isn’t fully welcomed by everyone into a home it is not the best home for the animal.  So, if you are interested in adopting Jonesy, I ask that you welcome him into a loving permanent home and send a picture now and again so my daughter will know he is loved by good people that feed him… thank you, Hilary