June Bug

Breed: Collie Mix
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
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Juney B has had a rather lengthy journey (1 year and 8 months) to get her to where she is today (you may view her before photo and her current photos)... Today, she is a joyful, spirited girl.

Here is June's story:

We received a call from our Vet Clinic that a man was there with a 4 month old pup, which he wanted euthanized because she had demodex mange. Our Vet was refusing to euthanize the pup because the demodex was treatable. We became involved at that point and took the pup into our rescue and our Vet began immediate treatment.

Poor little June Bug was so miserable due to the open wounds (photo included), and cried in pain when she was touched. After a couple of weeks of treatment in her foster home, June Bug began feeling and looking better. It took many months of care for her to overcome and regain her fur growth; but she is alive and well now!

June Bug is a very loving girl in spite of the pain and unkindness she endured at the hands of uncaring people.


June Bug is UTD on shots, spayed,  frontlined, heartworm tested

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