MAESTRO - I'm Adopted!
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Age: Approx 2 yrs.
Gender: Male

Maestro was picked up as a stray. He had a terrible ear infection and cried in pain when we had to apply medicine in his ear.
He is a handsome young dog with a disposition to match. He loves people and does so want to belong to the right someone for him!
Maestro is a neat and tidy fellow. Likes his space at the shelter to be immaculate.

Maestro would be a very loyal and loving companion dog. He does enjoy rides in the car! When we let him out of the play yard he immediately makes a bee-line for the car! Will your vehicle be the one that transports him to his wonderful lifetime home?

UPDATE 11/21/07
Maestro is such a pleasant young dog to be around. He simply adores the time he can spend with people. The excitement and joy when he sees me really pulls at the heart strings. He truly deserves a home of his own. I still cannot understand why people discard these beautiful dogs.
Maestro is attentive and learns quickly. He loves playing with the ball or any other toy available! He's like a puppy in a full grown adult body! Maestro is simply an enjoyable fellow to be around.

UPDATE 12/06/07
Maestro has a new love in his life! I took our beloved Nessa Rose (Beagle Mix) with me to the Shelter today. She and Maestro met for the first time and Maestro was smitten! They had a lively walk with me and it was so funny when they started to play together. Maestro was like a little puppy! He and Nessa each did play bows and then would race around each other and then zip and zoom back and forth! I think I enjoyed watching them as much as they enjoyed each others company! Sure did my heart good to see Maestro so happy.

UPDATE 3/05/08
Maestro has been set free! He is no longer at the City Shelter! Maestro is finally in foster care living with a family! He lives with 4 cats (he is is still very curious about them!), 2 dogs and a 6 yr. old boy. This is what his foster mom shared with us about Maestro:

Sherry, They are getting along great!  They seem to enjoy the house and each other's company.  Maestro is a doll.  you would think he had a permanent home and well as he behaves.  He is so adorable w/ the toys, he likes to get several in his mouth just to show off.  Neither like to get into the crates, even w/ treats.  But that's fine for now.  I left them out this afternoon since it is so nice.  Prairie was asleep on the step by the time I left, sunning her tummy.  Maestro was still exploring.

UPDATE 3/29/08
Maestro has been adopted!


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