NALA - I'm Adopted!  

Breed: Labrador
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Female

Nala just had a birthday and is five years old. She loves to hunt, is a natural! She also can run 25 miles per hour. I can't keep up with her on the bike, so run her beside the 4-wheeler. Nala is a lover and a sweetheart. She is also dominant, but who isn't? She gets the "no free lunch" policy and she is great with that. She doesn't care if another dog is around---she prefers people. She plays with sticks and loves tug-of-war with the rope. Since she was abused by small children, we won't adopt to families with children under 12. She does well with my grandkids, but they are taught how to respect dogs and they know how to follow the roadsigns a dog gives. Nala takes her turn weekly sleeping with me. She loves to cuddle! Nala is housetrained, crate trained and walks well on the gentle leader. As with all our dogs, an application is required, home visit, and dog training.