PATSY - I'm Adopted!

Breed: White German Shepherd
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Weight: 67lbs.

Patsy is housetrained, crate trained.  She isn't destructive in the house, but likes a good raw bone or kong to chew.  She loves to play ball or catch a flying stick.  Patsy runs 2.5 miles a day.  A long walk would do, too.  Patsy has come a long way from being crated 24/7 and no exercise.  She is a slim 60 pounds from the 85 she was when we got her.  Patsy is high energy and does well with other dogs, but would do exceedingly well as the only dog.  She is that loyal.  She stays in the front yard and doesn't chase cars or run to the road to greet walkers.  She is good with kids, older kids would be better because of her high energy.  They could wear her out and vice versa. 

UPDATE! 8/31/08
Patsy has completed level I of training. Patsy has alot to offer the right family. She is very loyal and loves to learn. I taught her to down and back up on her stomach in minutes. She does well with structure and consistency. Agility might be fun for her! It would allow her to use her brain and expend energy. Flyball probably would be up her alley, too. Patsy still doesn't run out onto the street or chase cars, her main focus is her humans. Who is up to the challenge?

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