Breed: Lab/Border Collie
Age: 4 Years
Gender: Female

Sparkle is a Border Collie/lab mix. She is a delight to be around. Getting her bottom scratched is the highlight of her day. She turns upside down and keeps the rear-end up to make sure it gets the proper treatment. Sparkle does talk a lot, just like a female!

She came from a family that didn't know what leadership was all about. Sparkle got too much unearned freedom and she and the other female didn't know how to handle all that. Just like kids, they need structure to feel safe and independent.

She is now running each morning beside the bicycle to keep the heart healthy and plays ball and socializes with the other rescue dogs. Daily training has started, too.

She is around small kids, cats, and all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs, and is around all kinds of situations. Sparkle does need to be socialized in the outside world, too, besides at home. Her training and socialization would continue with the family who would be the forever home for her.

She is housetrained, crate trained, walks well on the leash and beside the bicycle. She would be wonderful at agility!

Can she be the "Sparkle" in your eye?

UPDATE! 9/8/07
Sparkle has calmed down and is starting to relax! She is getting more playful and still loves the "butt" scratch. She loves to talk! Sparkle gets along with all the dogs and is house trained and crate trained. She isn't destructive, and loves a good raw bone!

UPDATE! 9/21/07 We are rewarding only the good behavior, not the squirrley, whiney stuff and she has quieted down immensely!  Still likes to do the butt thing, so I let her have one behavior habit.  She did really well on training day.  Luanne took her out and trained on the whole walk.  Then, we did free shaping and she did really well on the mat.  She will be an asset to any family.  She is so much more happy with positive structure! Is interested in the cat, but hasn't made a move to harm her.  I am holding the cat, too.  Crates well. 

UPDATE! 10/25/07
She did so well this am on the leash! She did fronts, sits, downs, and focused wonderfully! She is sooo easy, too. She is very calm in the house and not a big barker. Still likes her butt scratched. Being the Border Collie she is, she is interested in the cat, but backs off when I say, "leave it". I call her over and praise her then. She loves her new diet, eats all!

UPDATE! 11/12/07
She will let you know when she wants to go out and go potty. She has great recall off leash, too.



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