Breed: Terrier Mix
Age: 1.5 - 2yrs
Gender: Male
Weight: 20lbs.

Thompson is unique in coloring as well as character :) He is quiet and unassuming in demeanor. The only time he talks is when he gets excited, and the majority of that, I would imagine, is due to the excitement of his other foster siblings (at feeding time, when we arrive home and playtime). Thompson loves to give "kisses" and cuddle with a person.

He is not a furniture jumper even when invited. Rather, he will place his paws on the furniture asking to be picked up so he can join you. However, that may take several attempts on your part as well as his... Just as you are going to pick him up, he will drop his feet to the floor and turn a circle, then place his feet back up on the furniture. This ritual can take at least 3 attempts before he actually allows himself to be picked up. Once settled on a lap or next to a person, he gives a huge sigh, of what seems to be total contentment. (Only recently did he himself, of his own volition, jump up to sit cuddled next to me.) In all fairness, his lack of jumping up on his own, may be due to the fact that I usually have several other fosters already cuddled around me :)

Thompson also seems intimidated at the thought of climbing stairs. We have 3 steps from our back door to get into the yard. Thompson will go down them; but coming up is another matter. He will circle several times before he actually makes the journey to the top of the steps. To us, these little quirks are endearing, and what make Thompson so unique. He also loves to play with toys and have a person play with him. He enjoys interaction. Walks (prances) well on leash, is housetrained. He is not destructive in any way.

Thompson's coloring is Charcoal, grey and tan. He weighs approx 25lbs now. (When he first arrived to us, you could see and feel every bone, plus his fur was matted and full of sandburs.) He is approx 1.5-2 years of age.

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