Tipper and Topper - We're ADOPTED!!
Breed: Border Collie/Lab/?
Age:5 wks
Gender: Males



Tipper and Topper were abandoned in a local dealership car lot. At just 4-5 weeks of age they surely would not have survived the soaring heat temperatures or the possibility of being victims via vehicle traffic.

So these two little chaps were taken to safety at the local vet clinic, where they spent 6 days. (No owner came forward to claim them.) Our Vet did a complete health evaluation while at the clinic and deemed them ready to come into our Rescue. Tipper’s ears (bitten by flies) are healing well.

They are now approx. 6 weeks of age and will be ready for adoption in approx. 4 weeks. These boys are of course, cute as cute can be. Their lively spirits are evident in all their exploration of life, now that they are safe, well cared for and want for nothing. They follow their foster mom wherever she goes, and are learning doggie manners from the other resident canines.

Tipper and Topper are cuddly, full of puppy play and growing daily. These two will grow to be medium in size. Both have been de-wormed and received their first set of puppy shots. They will receive their remaining shots and be neutered prior to adoption.

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