Breed: Mixed
Age: 9 mo.
Gender: Male

Toby, the black pup was found tied without shade, water, or food. The owners had moved out and left him to die. He has mange, ear infection, and a raw skin that itches horribly! Toby is his new name. His heart is as big as the feet he will grow into someday. Toby is about 12 weeks old and almost housetrained. He is already crate trained. His appetite is huge! He is on a wonderful diet. His favorite food is yogurt! When the itching gets too bad, he pulls himself along the carpet to scratch his belly. Bath time is every other day---- trying to get his skin calmed down with special gentle shampoo and cool water. Touching him is like touching fire! He only cries when the spot he is scratching gets too raw or the bath water is not cool enough. Toby will be available for adoption when his system is up and running and he is neutered. We will keep you posted on his progress and take pics as he gets healthier. Sponsors are welcome!

UPDATE 8/10/07:
Toby is growing like a weed! He is all legs and is still glowing red from the mange. But, he doesn't have scabs anymore, just dander. His smell is much more tolerable, now. His ears are much better, too. The other dogs other than Bob will go up and smell him and back off.

I am teaching him to speak to get his supper. He eats in the crate so the big dogs leave him alone. He will come into the house and strut all over exercising his bark and his growl.

His tail has a curve to it instead of just hanging there. The ears haven't decided what to do, yet. Sometimes, the right one will pop up straight.

Bob and Toby will get to playing and making so much noise doing the teeth gnashing that we have to separate them when they do it at night.

He is exercising his baby teeth quite well, too. He does well with potty training. Gets lazy sometimes and starts to go on the deck and I pick him up in full stream and he finishes on the grass while he stands on my foot. Don't know what the deal is there.

He still scratches a lot, but I have ordered a product from dermasil and hope that will help.     -Leana Wallin

UPDATE 8/12/07:
Toby started his training yesterday. He can do sits, downs, and stands. He is offering the sits for a reward.

UPDATE 9/10/07:
Toby is now in Nebraska, where he is being fostered. He is approx 5 mos. and now neutered. With continued treatment for his mange he is looking so good now. His fur is really filling in and his skin underneath is normal in color. He rarely scratches, his ears are upright and what a feisty fellow he has become! Enjoying his puppy play and making up for all he missed during the difficult days of his early childhood. He is actually a sweet, mild mannered boy. Toby is also now UTD on all his shots. We've put some of his new photos up for you to see how well he is doing. He is also in several of the other dog videos as well as his own.

UPDATE 9/30/07
Toby continues to do well and is the life of the dog play around here. Or should I say instigator! What a character he is! There is a certain gentleman quality about him and he is an easy going kind of fellow. He likes to remind the girls whose boss though. A bark here and there just to make sure they know who he is!
Toby will be going in for a health check this week also, just to make certain all is well and ready for adoption. So be sure to check back for the results.

UPDATE 10/12/07
Toby has a clean bill of health and is ready for adoption! He's looks good!

UPDATE 12/13/07
Toby is medium in size. I have not figured out if he will remain this size, due his rough start in life, or if his growth spurt will finally catch up.
He remains a real sweetheart, even in his play with his other foster siblings. He does well with cats (pretty much ignores them). Our resident Kitten "Boopka" tends to be a tormentor, so I think he'd rather steer clear of those claws! Toby is simply a dear, sweet boy who loves to be
with his family "pack".  He adores cuddling, belly rubs and ear scratches. He also enjoys napping in the large dog bed in our living room.
Toby is housetrained and crate trained.



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