...about 6:30 every morning for his outside activities. He is very quick to learn new things. When we walk he is very well mannered - heals on command and is patient with new dogs. He very seldom barks and tolerates other barking dogs around the neighborhood without making a sound.

We have a female golden lab next door "Lilly" . They seem to enjoy each other when outside. He has the run of the house and loves being outside, but it has been so hot lately...it is mostly out and back into the AC.

Here is a picture of the boys and me.

The line up Joe, Tom, Buddy, and Jake. A house full of men.

Buddy really enjoys his walks and is adjusting to our schedule. He still remains as calm as ever, never gets excited and enjoys his time outside.

Take care.

Thomas Grothe, MPA, PA-C
Assistant Professor, PA Program