...timid, and cowered in the corner of the kennel. If you tried to pet him, he dropped down as though you were going to hit him. It took 3 months in order for him to trust me, and even then, initially, he would still flinch or back away, until he realized he wasn't going to be hit. Then he would relax and snuggle up to me as I petted him and talked in soothing tones. After that amount of time at the shelter, I knew he was not doing well in that environment. So it was decided to move him to the vet clinic, where he would have more people around. Thanks to our Vet and the Staff, Dozer did do better for the next 3 mos. But he still needed a home of his own... During that time, I would visit him and we would just sit together in the play yard at the clinic. I assured him I was trying to find a place for him to go so he could have the life he deserved. I had tried so many different Pit Bull rescues, and all refused to take him. I told our Vet that I had one more place to try. They were my last hope. Thanks to Jane Denning(Basset Rescue), Linda Fox and Sandra at Colorado Pit Bull Rescue, I was able to keep that promise! So, through blizzard and ice conditions, I transported Dozer to Cheyenne, WY where Sandra met me. There were an abundance of tears. Tears of joy for Dozer! It took 6 mos. but now he had a chance to live life! The following are update letters Sandra sent me:

From: Sandra - Colorado Pit Bull Rescue.

Sherry, Dozer is doing just great! We are taking everything slowly with him, we've introduced him briefly with a few dogs, just passing on leash sort of thing, but he's doing great, no aggression whatsoever, even with an unaltered male pit bull. And we've let him check out a few kitties and again, though he's really interested nothing aggressive. We've not seen him around kids at all yet and with his being so shy we will have to go slow there too, but honestly so far he seems to have the perfect temperament.

It is a bit heartbreaking working with him. I went to give him a treat stick after taking him for a long walk and he totally cowered like I was going to hit him with it. And even after he took it he first dropped it and waited to see if he could really have it and then finally picked it up again to enjoy. It's really sad, he also constantly startles like he expects to get hit at every turn.

But I think he's doing better and better. He's getting more and more socialization, we are taking him this weekend and next to adoption events so he can see lots of people and get to take it all in. We will likely crate him periodically so it's not too much and just let him check things out, but from a safe vantage.

But he is a super sweet little guy! We have a lot more too if you want more pics. He's a doll, very beautiful and already getting some inquiries from potential adopters so he should do very well and find a great home. I will send more updates as things progress. And more pics soon. Certainly I will send pics and info when he finds his forever home.

Thanks for helping him get this far and keeping him safe. I know you worked with him a long time and how hard it is to see them go even when it's for the best. I'm sure you really miss him.

Colorado Pit Bull Rescue

Sherry, Dozer went home, about 3-4 weeks ago. He lives in a big house in Colorado Springs, CO with his new mom and dad. They call him Duke now, but they just absolutely love him. You should have seen him when he first explored his house. He could not believe it. The yard is huge and he just did big zoomies all over the yard running back to us with a huge smile the whole time.

And the funniest thing is they got him a really big doggie bed for this bedroom as his place and the minute we stepped in the room he went right to it and just flopped down right in the middle, he was so happy :) They actually take him to daycare too and he is doing great, he plays with lots of other dogs and does great with them all so far. And he even likes cats. He came out of his shell here so much, by the time he went home he was a different dog than he was when he got here. Likely being away from the shelter and kennel and getting a lot of attention and human interaction made a big difference. He is still a little shy in new situations, but very different than he was.

So I will continue to check in with his new family, but so far things are going incredibly well, they had wanted to adopt for a long time and looked constantly at dog listings, but they were waiting till they bought their home and until they found the dog that just called to them and when they saw Dozer they said they just knew. They drove several times during the process the whole 2 1/2 hours just to spend time with him and take him for walks so I knew they were the real deal.

I hope you like the pictures, you can tell how much he loves his new mom :)

Colorado Pit Bull Rescue