...She and Cooper are best buds now and his jealousy has subsided :-)  They play fight alot, and chase each other up and down the stairs and hallways, then curl up on his pillow together to catch their breath.  It's really quite humorous!!  They really enjoyed chasing each other around and rolling in the snow last Saturday.   They had so much snow packed in their fur that they looked like little snowmen!!    
Other than the occasionally accident (maybe once a week), Ella is doing great, and has adjusted well.   You'd think that she has lived with us all her life, from the way that she handles herself and keeps Cooper in line.  She is definitely not a little wallflower.  I am amazed by her appetite!!  Cooper is a very slow, finicky eater, and Ella gulps down her food, then tries to eat half of his and he just moves over and lets her have it.  Same thing with treats, toys or bones.  She'll decide that Cooper's looks more appealing and just go take it from him.  He lets her take it, then simply picks up whatever item she discarded and moves on.  I would never have thought that he'd be so passive after ruling the roost alone for so long.  
Take care,
Lauri Schauer-Bird