..seem to be wondering when I was going to take her back to your house. When we reached home that night, Mike had just finished taking Jake for a walk, so they were able to meet outside before entering the house. Jake was polite when they met, and didn't mind at all when she came in the house. The only notable problem with transitioning has been the change in diet. Missy had some diarrhea one day, and vomited a couple times on other days, though neither slowed her down at all. She's doing well now, on a mix of Nature's Recipe Venison and Rice and Purina One Lamb and Rice dry dog food. She tries to get Jake to play, and they have actually played tug of war with a toy (briefly) on a few occasions. She does prefer to "herd" him when he runs for a stick at the beach, which irritates him a little, but they both really enjoy splashing and chasing around in the water. Right now, they are both napping after the morning romp at the beach. Missy (and Jake) went to the Vet on Monday for a checkup and micro chipping. No problems, and she was very well-behaved, while poor Jake was nervous and somewhat fearful during the visit. There is an obedience trainer about 20 miles away that I need to check into. There is another person closer, but she has a reputation for harsh training techniques, so I will not contact her. I hope you are well and enjoying the rest of summer.