"Molly Faye"

...since she probably went through enough changes as it had been. We have done so much together in the past 10 months. She really enjoys yanking cotton out of all her toys, which she always has a continuous supply of them to play with. She loves going to the dog park and running when it is cool out. She has made a lot of friends in Ft. Collins and is currently living with an older yellow lab who watches over her and she feels real safe with when her parents can't be home. Molly Faye is extremely loyal and wants to go everywhere via bike and Jeep rides. She went on her first camping trip and was entertained by the squirrels all day and night. She mostly wants to be everyone's friend and likes to ask them for belly rubs:)

Thanks for allowing Molly Faye and I to become best friends:) I can keep you updated with more experiences...Take care and it was wonderful talking with you!

UPDATE 10/14/07

Hi Sherry,
Molly is doing great!  She strained her biceps tendon from playing really hard one day, so we had to rest her for a couple weeks.  This led to her first visit to a doggie physical therapist! She is back running with me and very relieved.  She was getting a little antsy there for awhile.  We are looking into pet therapy programs.  There is a CO based one, developed here at CSU, but I think I want a nationally certified one.  Do you have any info on this?  I hope all is well with you.  Do you have a lot of rescues right now? Take care, Liz

Liz Andreae