Hello Sherry,

Pippa is doing so well. She is doing well with going potty outside. She doesn't go to the door, but she kind of whines, or if we are on the bed she will jump down and that is my sign I better get moving. She always goes outside to the area that is designated for her. Its easy now because it's a shoveled path all the way to the corner of the yard. I guess this summer when I take her out to that area, hope she gets the idea that is where she is supposed to go. She has a routine and is getting to know it. She sleeps with me so when we wake up she knows we are going to go potty, she eats, I drink coffee, then she waits at the door while I shower. When I am dressed we play. She loves when I throw something and she gets it, then she runs away and I chase her. If I get up at 5:30AM, we go for a walk. She has done so well while I am at work. She knows what to do when I get home. We either go outside, or if its not too cold, we go for a walk. She of course loves walks and is doing pretty good walking with me not ahead of me. She is eating well and when I shut off the lights she tears off before I can get there to my room, and is on the bed waiting. She is such a doll. Everyone loves her. She got more presents then I did! I will have some pictures for you soon, Thanks again for all you did.