...The two guys were wrestling and playing tackle football in the living room...one is 6 and the other 60!!!   What's a mother to do!  
Rosie is fun to watch as she greets the dog next door...Haley, a big black lab.  And, they race and chase along the fence in the snow.  Yes, we have plenty of snow and Rosie, so far, loves it!!
Elaine, Peg, Liza, and Denis along with Charlie and Rosie
P.S. Rosie and Charlie bagged their first and hopefully last squirrel in our backyard this fall.  Charlie has bagged a number of rabbits over the years but never a squirrel until she could do a tag team special with Rosie!  All was OK!  I think my heart was more excited than either dog.  They were quite proud.  The rabbits have the back woods to roam but do they stay out of the fenced backyard.....NO!!  We try everything to keep them out but they still find ways to get in, even if the fenced part of the back yard has all sorts of dog smells.  Stay tuned for more adventures!