We're looking forward to starting training with Sparkle next week. Just Lawrence will be going to the first class because I have a city council meeting that I can't get out of.

Attached are a couple pictures of Sparkle from last weekend. One playing with the big stick that Jake found and another with Sparkle laying on the couch with me. Today we had both dogs out at the park playing fetch with the tennis ball for over an hour, and Sparkle was so much fun. She always runs full speed ahead after the ball and is getting much better about dropping the ball when she brings it back. Other than some occasional whining when she wants attention, Sparkle hasn't had any behavioral issues at home with us. She still is very nervous and upset about other dogs when we are out walking, but we are trying hard to be patient with her.



Thought you might like this picture of Sparkle. She is doing great and her cheerful disposition is a joy to have in our house. Sparkle is very happy now with the colder weather and she loves the snow. This summer we took her to the lake and she started to get the hang of swimming, but isn’t quite sold on that yet. She still sometimes growls or is defensive towards other dogs, and seems to do it more with me than with Lawrence. We’re thinking about enrolling her for another class this winter at TCOTC. Hope you are doing well

.JoNette Kuhnau