"TUCKER" (Formerly "Thistle")

...for a few more hours this morning and we had the radio playing. We didn't cover his crate, but last night he howled for quite a while. Kris eventually moved to the spare bedroom to sleep in the same room with him and he quieted down immediately. Yesterday evening we went for about a one mile walk and he was really limping when we were done. As we were coming home he got to meet everyone in the neighborhood and was really good with each person..

UPDATE 11/04/07
Hello Leana, Tucker's chip information is included in this email. It shows you listed as an alternate contact.
It has been a little over one month since you delivered Tucker to us. Kris and I think he is a great dog and has fit in very well with our lives. By the third week all issues seemed to go away and he is settling into the normal routine of our lives. The biggest issue was going into his crate, but we worked with him until he finally "got it" and he now freely goes into his crate without any complaints.
Last week he got moved to the next level at his training so we'll both be learning some new things at our next class. I'll let you know when we finally graduate.
Thanks again for everything. We'll be in touch.

UPDATE 2/01/08
Hi Leana, I attached a couple of photos of Tucker. We trimmed his fur short, but left some length on his legs and face. One of the images shows him laying on the couch. Shortly after moving in, he claimed that spot and he is laying there as I type this email.

We still watch him really close because he will lift his leg on anything that isn't moving. Needless to say, he goes into his crate whenever we're not home. In fact, he knows the routine so well that he goes into his crate as soon as he sees us putting on our shoes or coat. If you remember, we had a hard time getting him to kennel up in the beginning, so he has come a long way.

I will check out the book you recommended, because after the second incident of aggression, I didn't feel comfortable taking him to the same location for training. We did graduate from level one and went to two classes at level two. I still work him on the leash, but it is definitely difficult in the winter. He has to earn his food by laying down or sitting and we only play fetch after he shows the ability to listen and do what I want him to do. Even with his issues we're very glad he is part of our family.

We've had a number of friends over to visit and he is very friendly to all ages of people. Everybody loves him and he loves everybody. He's just unpredictable with other dogs.