...She and Josie are getting along fine. They played outside together a lot this weekend since it was so beautiful out. The only thing they seemed to "argue" over was the rawhide bones we gave them to chew on... neither one seems much intent on sharing!

Thanks again!
Kristin and Donovan Troup

UPDATE 10/03/2007

Hi Leana, Just wanted to let you know how Zelda's visit to the vet went last week.... The doctor said she looked good. We asked about her back legs and he said that she appeared to be possibly a bit bowlegged, but he found nothing else to be concerned about. She also had a minor ear infection that we are working on getting rid of. Otherwise, she seems to be doing well. She and Josie are having fun together and things are settling down at home a bit. We're glad that she's here to make our family complete. I hope all is well with you and the everyone at BWBR.

UPDATE 2/25/2008
Hello, I'm glad to hear that you are still having luck helping dogs find new homes. It always saddens me to read about all the animals out there that are treated so inhumanely by those who are supposed to be caretakers. I have a lot of respect for what you and your organization are able to accomplish.

We certainly are thankful to have Zelda here with us. She fits in so well, like she's been here for ages. We did decided to rename her by the way. After a day or so we switched to calling her by her new name, Bailey. She's responded well to her "new" (at this point, old) name and gets along well with Josie, our other dog. She still likes nothing more than to cuddle up next to us and have her belly rubbed. We're all eagerly awaiting the return of warmer weather so we can go on more walks and enjoy being outdoors.

We have not signed Bailey up for any new classes at TCOTC. Not for lack of interest, but because, as you may recall, after seeing how well-behaved Bailey was, we realized that Josie was in need of more work. So Josie is currently in the middle of Level I training classes at TCOTC in the hopes she'll someday be as obedient at Bailey. :) We'll keep our fingers crossed! :) By the way, my husband took the gentle leader you loaned us for Bailey with him to class last week with the intention of leaving it with someone who could see that it was returned to you safely. Our class instructor was familiar with you, so I believe that he was going to leave it with her or at the front desk. I will check that he did so, and if not I will drop it off on Wednesday during our next class.

Take care.
Kristin Troup