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Letters From Home
Updates From The Proud Parents

by Carissa Carlson

Hey Sherry! It's Carissa from Minnesota. I adopted Bebe from you in June. I just wanted to let you know all

Carissa Carlson


by Thomas J. Grothe


Things are going great. Buddy is adjusting very quickly to our routine. He kennel's around 9:30 at night for bed and is all

Thomas J. Grothe

Hey Leana:

Actually, everything is going GREAT! To say that Bacon and Luna are getting along is an understatement! They all

Jamie and Eve

Lucy (formerly Dottie) is a 2 year-and-change Blue Heeler. Despite the fact that she was a stray and had signs of all

John and Rachel

Hi, Things are going well! Although it's only been a few days, it feels like Zelda has been with us all

Kristin and Donovan Troup

When we left the house for a couple of hours last night, we left the TV on too. He was in his all

Kurt and Kris Wuller
"TUCKER" (Thistle)

Hi Leana, Corky has been a great addition to my life and I just love him! Thanks for the tips - I did try your suggestion of the blanket over the crate all

Pat Yoon

We're looking forward to starting training with Sparkle next week. Just Lawrence will be going to the first class because I have a city council meeting that I can't get out all

JoNette Kuhnau


Hello Sherry, Pippa is doing so well. She is doing well with going potty outside. She doesn't go to the door, but she kind of whines, or if we are on the bed she will jump down and that is my sign I better get all

Diane Dubla

Hi Sherry, Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that Angel is doing great!! She had no problem making herself at home and has hit it off with the greyhounds and my Mom’s little dog Bo. The cat all

Julie Prieur

Sherry -  
Ella is doing great.  She is the most affectionate dog I have even known!!   My girls adore her; constantly snuggling or carrying her around; and she appears to love every moment of all

The Bird Family

Rosie is absolutely the greatest! She has now bonded so well that we had to correct her when she went to protect Denis from Liza's godfather all

The Johnson Family

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